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Israeli ministry apologizes for asking gay couple ‘Which of you is the mother?’

Guy Sadak Shoham, 33, and Chai Aviv Shoham, 38, faced an unpleasant surprise after applying for aid from the Ministry of Social Affairs to send their two daughters to preschool.

According to Ynet, the government representative stated that “I understand that you are both fathers and understand that you both run a shared household, but there is always the one who is more dominant: Who is more the mother?”

“We think it is delusional that the state wants an affidavit signed by us saying that one of us is the mother,” the couple responded.

In response, the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry issued an apology and said that such an incident would not happen again.

But Ohad Hizki, the director-general of the Aguda, Israel’s National LGBTQ Task Force, told Ynet that this was “an insufficient apology to change long-standing discrimination.” He said, “The Labor and Welfare Ministry must sharpen its procedures immediately to prevent recurrence of cases of this kind, as other public organizations have been able to do.”

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