Israeli Film series

A Wider Bridge has partnered with Makom to select five Israeli films/TV shows and to prepare a matching discussion guide for each piece, as a ‘tool kit’ for a complete event about LGBT awareness and inclusion in Israel

Universities, campuses and student groups that are interested in having one of the screenings, please email us [] for further details and screening fees.


Gay Days -- featured imageGay Days (2009) Dir: Yair Qedar

Documentary. In 1985, there were three openly gay people in Israel.
By 1998, there were 3,000. In this short, intensive and dramatic
period, Israel came out of the closet in one of the quickest and most
colorful revolutions of the end of the 20th century. There was no
bloodshed in this revolution, but a rare cooperation between
academics, prostitutes, transsexuals, singers, hairdressers and military
72 minutes

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sayAmen-Featured-1Say Amen (2005) Dir: David Deri

Documentary. David is the youngest of ten siblings in a closeknit
Moroccan-Israeli family. While the other nine have all extended
the family tree by marrying and having children, David, at twentynine,
still hasn’t brought home a girlfriend, which inspires his
family’s constant nagging. This confessional film follows David as he
takes small steps, gathering courage, and hoping to receive
acceptance from the family he so clearly loves. As his siblings urge him to keep his sexuality secret
from their parents, the painful tension rises.
65 minutes


joeandbelle-Featured-1Joe + Belle (2011) Dir: Veronica Kedar

Feature. A dark comedy about two girls that fall in love with
their country and each other en route from Tel Aviv to Sderot.
Joe is a frustrated drug dealer and Belle is a french psychopath.
The two meet and get involved in an absurd murder in the
center of Tel Aviv. They now have to dump the body and escape
the police. In this long and difficult journey, the coincidental
encounter becomes a true love story that can only exist in one
place – Sderot, the ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks in Israel.
80 minutes


yossiandjagger-Featured-1Yossi and Jagger (2004) Dir: Eytan Fox

Feature. Yossi is a brooding Israeli Army commander who feels
constrained by his role as a macho authority figure to conceal
his sexuality from the conscripts under his command, while
Jagger is one of his subordinates, a carefree guy who wants
them to declare their love publicly by retiring from the Army
and setting up house together. The film reaches its climax when
the soldiers are sent off on a particularly dangerous mission.
65 minutes
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momdadz-Featured-1Mom and Dads, episode 4 (2012) Dir: Kobi Paz

TV drama series. A recent hit TV series about two gay men and
the woman with whom they have a baby. This humorous drama gently
follows the characters as they contend with, in this episode, the Brit
Milah (ritual circumcision) of their child. Sami, the beautiful and camp
Mizrachi man is struggling with his feelings of exclusion. Erez, the
straight-acting conflicted biological father is struggling with his
resentment of religious ritual and families in general. Talia is
mainly just concerned about the “mutilation” of her baby.
And their parents and friends look on.
37 minutes





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