Israeli “Avant-Drag” Music Video

“Avant-drag” artist Nona Chalant takes her fashion venture one step further and releases a new music video, in collaboration with music producer Guy Bar On.

Israeli “Avant-drag” artist Nona Chalant, the alter ego of fashion photographer Roni Shukrun, has decided to expand her HOUSE OF NONA venture, which was intended to unite young and controversial Israeli artists for collaboration creativity. ” The project is going a step forward into the field of music, and we’re looking for artists to create original music with. Because, after all , fabrics and colors are always an amazing fit with characters and sounds,” says Chalant . “Fashion can be everywhere, even at the Carmel market. It was nice that the peddlers shouted at me ‘Boy George’.”

According to Chalant , when music producer Guy Bar-On saw her, he immediately wanted to make music with her and bring her rich visual world into his music. “We actually started the work from the visual aspect. We went out for a day of shooting, and then in the editing room we started to form in the music. We also intend to release a club remix, because Nona and nightlife have always gone hand in hand.”