Israeli Artists at Gay Pride Events

From the official Pride Anthem in Madrid to Stockholm stages – Israeli artists set the tone at Gay Pride events in Europe.

In recent years, Israelis have taken over pride events and have reached every place where you can drink and dance under the sun. After Tel Aviv has become a global Pride superpower, the export of Israeli acts for Pride events all over the world has reached a new high.

Those who were in Madrid this weekend and came back humming “At The Party”, the Pride hymn of the leading party line WE, will find that behind this anthem are Israeli DJ Yinon Yahel and singer Meital De Razon, who were selected to produce the pride song and even performed the song at the main pride event.

The Israeli connection was made by Spanish advertising agency “Lirlur Sfarad,” a Spanish branch of the Israeli gay advertising agency. The group is currently working on an independent project aimed at improving and increasing gay tourism in Israel and in Tel Aviv in particular. Team members are Shay Rokach, Alon Ash and Doron Itzhak, who travel regularly on the Tel Aviv – Madrid line and create a broad foundation for gay cooperation between Israel and Spain.

Daniel Mariuma, Moti Saadia and Kay Long are scheduled to perform at the Pride Parade in Stockholm. After traveling East and hosting parties in India, Vietnam and Thailand, the three will join Michal Sher and Shaked Dudovich, who will play at the pride event in the Swedish capital for the second consecutive year, on July 25-30, in front of half a million people.

“This is the second year that Shaked and I were invited to play at the huge after-pride party and this year I will play on stage with the stunning Ruby Rose,” said Sher. “I played in many pride events throughout Europe but the truth? .. Pride in Stockholm is an unforgettable event.”

Michal and Shaked play Stockholm Pride in 2015.

But Sweden and Spain are not the only countries to see Israeli artists on stage:

*DJ Micky Friedmann will play this weekend in Munich, Germany, at the CSD-Party XXL, after playing at the official Pride party in Cologne last weekend.

*Israeli singer David Lavi will go on the Indie Stage at the 20th Copenhagen Gay Pride Festival that takes place in August 20 in Denmark.

*Dana International went on stage in Lithuania in June at the Official Baltic Pride.

*Offer Nissim played in New York for the main Pride event at Capitale NYC.

Dana International in Lithuania (photo by @zyvera)