Israel: Court Challenges the State

After a heated debate that took place Wednesday in the Israeli Supreme Court, the judges accepted the position of  a lesbian couple, who claimed that the denial of registration of two mothers of a baby at the hospital after it’s born is discrimination.


The state was given 60 days to provide its response and then the petition will continued to be discussed.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court held a hearing on the motion to demand the Interior Ministry’s Population Administration to justify the unequal status of registry of parents of newborns in hospitals between LGBT parents and heterosexual parents.

The petition was submitted by Orly and Ravit Weiselberg-Zur, together with the Aguda, the Israeli National LGBT Task Force. Orly, who brought a child to the world together with Ravit, can’t be considered the new one’s mother and is required to get a verification of her motherhood. This is in contrast to heterosexual couples, where a father is simply required to sign a document confirming that he is the father of the newborn, no questions asked, no testing or proof needed.

Many community members attended the court, including mothers and their children, who requested to attend the hearing in order to strengthen the petitioners and their demand to end discrimination in the registry of parents.

Following the 60 days given to the State to announce its position on the subject, there will be another hearing on the petition, in which the High Court will discuss the position and give its verdict.