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Israel on Campus Coalition

logo1ICC supports and empowers campus leaders, facilitates strategic collaboration among national pro-Israel groups, incubates innovative initiatives, and conducts cutting edge research to inform campus partners and the national pro-Israel community.

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ICC creates a more effective, skilled, and strategic pro-Israel network on campus: Executive consultations for leaders of national pro-Israel campus groups, rapid response team for crisis mobilization, fifty elite Grinspoon-Morningstar Fellows serving as student catalysts at 50 key campuses, ICC Academic Network faculty fellows mentoring students, forging new ties between U.S. and Israeli campuses, and combating Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)
Advocacy training for students, campus professionals, faculty, and other campus stakeholders

ICC helps foster collaboration, maximize efficiency, and minimize duplication in the pro-Israel movement: Strategic consultations for leaders of national pro-Israel campus groups, collaborative national campaigns to address major challenges, coordinated crisis communication and mobilization plans, platform for communication among national and local campus stakeholders.

ICC inspires and promotes creative approaches to pro-Israel activism on campus: Incubator of innovative campus initiatives, such as TAMID Israel Investment Group, grants and incubation services for new initiatives led by students, faculty, and professionals, support for inventive educators, advocates, and thought leaders to develop new strategies.

ICC cultivates an informed pro-Israel community that makes data-driven decisions: Up-to-the-minute tracking of Israel-related activity at 400 colleges and universities, early warning system to alert campus constituents and national partners about anti-Israel activity, in-depth research on campus assets, liabilities, trends, and challenges, publications on campus trends, key research findings, and best practices.


Report: US Campuses Are Becoming More Israel Friendly (The Jerusalem Post / September 19, 2017)
A Wider Bridge on Campus (A Wider Bridge / January 27, 2015)