Israel and DC Go Beyond the Bridge

Beyond the Bridge is the new global advocacy initiative of A Wider Bridge that works at the intersection of Israel and global LGBTQ advocacy; building connections, dialogue, and collaboration between the LGBTQ leaders of Israel and the rest of the global LGBTQ community.

Beyond the Bridge DC

Nearly 100 people from the Washington DC community attended a Beyond the Bridge event on Saturday. Panelists Dana Beyer (who also serves on A Wider Bridge’s Board of Directors), Daniel Penchina and Jamie Kirchick – all took part in last year’s Wider Bridge Leadership Mission to Israel and had a substantive discussion on Israel’s LGBT community, rejecting claims of pinkwashing.

Also featured at the event was The White House Jewish Liaison Matt Nosanchuk, who spoke about the President’s commitment to LGBT rights and the US-Israel relationship.

“Queer Israelis need to persist in coming out to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers in spite of the community’s legal achievements,” said Dr. Dana Beyer after the event. “Social acceptance in Israel, outside of Greater Tel-Aviv, remains significantly below 50% and the 60 – 75% rates common in the U.S. That the Knesset held a very well-attended hearing on trans rights, for example, is very hopeful, but we cannot rest on our accomplishments as we work to improve all aspects of life for the next generation.”

A Wider Bridge is now recruiting for its 2016 Leadership Mission to Israel. For more info and to apply, please click here.