Israel: A Mecca for vegans

Holy Land is leading a vegan revolution, with some 400 food establishments certified as ‘vegan friendly,’ including the only vegan Dominos Pizza in the world.

Tel Aviv beat out Berlin, New York and Chennai, India becoming US food website “The Daily Meal’s” top destination for vegan travelers. The website praised the vegan staple falafel, found on many street corners, and cited Tel Aviv’s Nanuchka restaurant as having “a fresh take on meat-heavy Eastern European food”.

Nana Shrier, owner of the stylish Georgian restaurant Nanuchka in downtown Tel Aviv, shocked Israel’s culinary world when she removed all animal-based products from the menu. A year later business is thriving, defying those who predicted its demise.

Nanuchka is part of a growing trend that has transformed Israel’s financial center into a haven for meatless cuisine. Some 400 food establishments are certified “vegan friendly”, including Domino’s Pizza, the first in the global chain to sell vegan pizza topped with non-dairy cheese.

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