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Introducing Shani Segev

Shani Segev, Vice President of The Aguda – Israel LGBTQ Taskforce, joins A Wider Bridge’s staff from Tel Aviv as Israel Community Relations Manager.

Shani Segev (Photo by: Louiz Green)

A Wider Bridge and The Aguda are proud to announce a new joint initiative that will work to strengthen the work of both of our organizations, and of the Israeli LGBTQ community.

A key part of this initiative is the creation of a new position in Israel, Director of Community Relations, and we are excited that Shani Segev will be taking on this important role, effective immediately.

Shani will work on behalf of both The Aguda and A Wider Bridge, to strengthen relationships with Israeli LGBTQ community leaders and organizations, as well as with North American organizations that are bringing people to Israel. For A Wider Bridge, the leading North American organization advocating for Israel’s LGBTQ community, Shani will serve as our ambassador on the ground in Israel working with the entire Israeli LGBTQ community, and as a liaison to cultivate North American partnerships, travel, visibility, and fund development opportunities for Israel’s LGBTQ community. For The Aguda, Israel’s umbrella LGBTQ organization, Shani will serve as the organization’s Vice President, will lead and develop community activities, projects, and advocacy.

“We are so excited to have forged this initiative together with The Aguda, and to have Shani working on our behalf on the ground in Israel,” said Arthur Slepian, Executive Director of A Wider Bridge. “We are proud of the relationships we have built in Israel over the past seven years, but it is always a challenge being thousands of miles away and many time zones apart. A bridge connects two places, and the work of Shani in this new role will enable us to be that much more effective in building relationships and partnerships that will make us all stronger.”

“I’m very happy to create a true and strong partnership with the LGBTQ American community for the first time, and i’m sure that Shani will do her job for the best to accomplish this goal,” said Ohad Hizki, CEO of the Aguda.

Shani joins us after years of working in the Israeli advertising and media world, with the wish to do something significant for the LGBTQ community. She has been a volunteer in the community for many years, and for the last two years she has volunteered in IGY (Israel Gay Youth), leading gay youth groups.

Shani Segev can be reached at shani@awiderbridge.org.