In New York This Weekend

Don’t miss the last two screenings of Yariv Mozer’s documentary, The Invisible Men, this weekend. The movie, which was recently recommended by the New York Times, will be screened in New York tomorrow, Saturday October 10 at 6PM, and Monday at 7PM. Both of the screenings are sponsored by A Wider Bridge, as a part of The Other Israel Film Festival.

Isaac Zablocki, executive director of the festival, and director of film programs at the JCC in Manhattan, where many of the films are playing, said that the outlook of Mozer’s documentary and the other movies in the festival may seem bleak but that the goal is still to inspire dialogue and change.

“Our festival is kind of a last hope,” he told The NY Times. “We do attract a diverse audience and a young one. Seeing so many people in their 20s and 30s at last year’s festival made me hopeful for the younger generation.”

Besides the screenings in the festival, there are two more dates to catch Yariv and his movie during the current screening round: November 11 at Princeton University Unified Film Festival from the Middle East, and at the St. Louis International Film Festival, Second Annual Human Rights Sidebar, on November 16.

‘The Invisible Men’ is an award winning documentary that deals with the unique story of gay Palestinian men living in Israel. Yariv Mozer’s raw signature as a documentary director came from a very personal experience, serving in the Israeli army during the 2nd Lebanon war. “I took my personal home video camera with me, without knowing that later on it would be the source of my first documentary film,” he told A Wider Bridge in an exclusive interview earlier this year.


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