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Imri Kalmann and Anat Nir Announced Running for Meretz’ Nominations for the Knesset

Social activist and former co-chair of the Aguda, Imri Kalmann, and Anat Nir, a social entrepreneur, announced their intention to run as Meretz’ candidates for the Knesset in order to create a significant political LGBTQ force involved in leading the country.

The decision to run as Meretz candidates is part of a larger move that was named “Avocado”, which includes an impressive network of people from all walks of life who join forces to create a significant political force in the Knesset.

In the past few weeks Kalmann and Nir have been working on forming the group. The two, who left all their previous occupations in order to meet with hundreds of people from all walks of life, want to “put the hands on the wheel of the country and help guide its way,” understanding that this is the best way to influence the political arena.

A Future Member of the Knesset? Anat Nir.

“The political arena is where we can bring the best and most meaningful results,” explains Nir. “The government is the wheel, and that’s where we’re headed. We’re not going to sit around and wait for change any longer; we intend to go out and get it together.”

The organization wishes to hold a large and meaningful census and reach the end of the period of the census (June 26) with a number of voters that will enable them to build the significant political body that can integrate into the leadership of the country.

To the question of why Meretz, of all parties, the organizers explain that they identify a political opportunity in the party, which is in a state of uncertainty about the future and its way. In their opinion, the stubborn battle between the parties causes the fragmentation of the few existing members and the investment of energies in internal struggles, which may lead to the loss of relevance.

Avocado members explain that they’ve talked about the move with people from the party – all its members of the Knesset, the chairman, the secretary-general, activists and various functionaries, as well as people outside the party: those who love it and those who fear it, those who do not like it and do not find themselves within it and those who define themselves as politically homeless.

“I decided to become part of a move that I believe is incumbent on our generation – to take responsibility for the future leadership of this country,” wrote Anat Nir.

“I do not intend to wait for the change to happen, I intend to do everything in my power to lead it, in an equal and full partnership with the best and most suitable people for the mission,” wrote Imri Kalmann. Together, we will do everything in our power to make this change increase the impact of the values ​​of the party, through its representatives, in the local authorities, in the Knesset and in the government.”

Imri Kalmann

Naomi Seroussi, co-founder and chairman of the Bi-Pan-Poly Forum explained to WDG why she decided to join the move.

“I have been an activist in Meretz for many years, worked alongside many people and participated in many political moves. So far we have not succeeded in creating a real change. Our camp keeps shrinking and people around me are becoming more desperate, so I decided not to join another move, but to lead one for myself. I’d like to see as many people as possible who I can trust to represent me in the Knesset and in the municipality and in public observance. I want to see leadership for our camp, women and men who are ready to put themselves on the front line and take responsibility for what is happening. Imri and Anat are pioneers who agreed to take on the task and lead the movement. I see this move as part of a larger political move of the LGBTQ community and the change in values ​​that lead the political discourse in Israel.”