“I’m a Poster with HIV”

Five hundred posters with a drop of HIV infected blood were spread in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to examine the response of passersby. The responses were documented in a 3-minute clip whose purpose is to create a discourse on the stigmas of people living with HIV. “The poster allows us all to choose whether to continue living in stigmatization or to be open to acquiring new knowledge and to be part of a change,” the AIDS Task Force explains.

The new campaign, by the Israel AIDS Task Force, sought to examine how people react when they encounter a poster on the street with the caption “I am an HIV poster” and includes in its center a blood drop of a person living with HIV.

“The five hundred posters carrying human blood droplets are a mirror to all of us, which will make us stop and examine whether we react automatically based on stigmas or that we rely on scientific facts and love of human beings,” Israeli AIDS Task Force explained in a press release. “When you touch the posters that hang around the city, you will touch the lives of thousands of men and women who live in Israel and are afraid of being rejected or deterred.”