Ilana Zeffren (Comics Artist)

Ilana Zeffren is a comics artist and cartoonist from Israel. She’s also a lesbian, a fact that appears extensively in her work.

Zeffren was born to a religious family, and grew up in Ashkelon. She studied design at Western Galilee College. In 2005 she published a graphic novel called ‘Sipur Varod’ (‘A Pink Story’), and parallel to that she published comic strips and columns in various magazines in Israel, including her famous column “Lesbix” in the LGBT magazine Hazman Hachadash and “Pussycat”

in  the journal Alma.  Her novel “Sipur Varod” tells the story of the LGBT community in Israel, which is combined with the personal story of Zeffren herself.

Since 2006, Zeffren has a regular comics page, titled “Rishumon,” in the famous local Tel Aviv magazine called ‘City Mouse’ (“Achvar Ha’ir”).  The comics’ characters are a pair of women: “Mommy 1” ( Zeffren herself) and Mommy 2 “(Zeffren’s partner), and their cats Raffi and Spaghetti.  “Through the comics I present myself being a lesbian as something normative and obvious,” Ilana says. “Clearly there is something insidious about this because a lesbian couple is not completely normative yet. On the other hand, it gives the column a touch of the mainstream and it’s not militant.  This may also explain why the column has become well loved by both adults and children.”

Ilana Zeffren currently lives in Tel Aviv with her partner Caroline Nite.





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