If You Think All Muslims Are Anti-Gay, Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know

The truth is that Islam has historically been a lot more tolerant and accepting of gay relationships than many people think.

Islamic culture has a history of accepting gay and bi people and American Muslims are actually more tolerant of homosexuality and same-sex marriage than even some Christians.

1. The Quran actually says nothing about homosexuality

Keep in mind that homosexuality as a distinct sexual identity didn’t exist until the 19th century, and the Quran itself contains no passages condemning same-sex relations (unlike the Bible).

However, as Mehammed Amadeus Mack explained in Newsweek, “The Quran is not the only source of legislation governing Muslims’ behavior: Many also put faith in the ahadith, sayings attributed to the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.”

2. Muslim History Was Surprisingly Tolerant of Same-Sex Relationships

Many Muslim poets and writers as recent at the 19th century wrote about homosexuality in society as a matter-of-fact and beautiful thing.

In fact, in 1858, the Ottoman Empire (a region which included parts of modern-day Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon Israel and Jordan) even decriminalized homosexuality completely.

3. More American Muslims Support Same-Sex Marriage Than Evangelicals

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, 45% of American Muslims think that “homosexuality should be accepted by society.” That’s higher than the 36% of Evangelical Christians and Mormons who agreed with that statement. Also, 42% of American Muslims support same-sex marriage — that’s higher than Protestants (39%) and Mormons (26%).

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