Idan Matalon

idanmat-Featured-1Idan Matalon is an Israeli video blogger, journalist, video and audio producer, model, and business executive, and the vice president of marketing for the LGBT global social network Moovz.

Idan was born in the city of Rishon Lezion, and spent his childhood at his parents’ home in Gan Yavne, a town near Ashdod. When he was sixteen he started lipsyncing to pop songs and posting the videos on YouTube, only to have his account closed for copyright issues. Idan is openly gay since age nineteen, he came out spontaneously to his parents while still in military service, meeting with support from both. After completing his military service in 2010, Matalon started video blogging again, and this time around his videos gone viral. Later this year, American gay travel blog Out Traveler described him as an “online lipsync star.” In his first interview with A Wider Bridge, Idan said that producing videos was an old passion of his: “I started filming things as a hobby at a very early age. I’ve never studied it, so I worked basically on intuition. I started making lipsync videos and uploaded them to YouTube, I think since that website was born.”

As he garnered more attention online, Matalon was approached by a number of publications to work as a model. He has been featured by magazines such as NRG, À cause des garçons, Stubborn Magazine, Nexter,and MyGayTrip, who also hired him in 2012 to serve as the main face of their advertising. In April 2012 the publication Shalom Life named him no. 20 in their list of the Top 50 Hottest Jewish Men. Mexican website named him three of the Top 5 Gay Bloggers of 2013, and Canadian blog Size Doesn’t Matter named him in the “top 10 supporters of Israel” in 2013.

Matalon joined the Israeli start-up Interacting Technology in 2012 as their VP of marketing, where he worked on marketing campaigns and managing the “brand ambassadors” for the global social network MOOVZ, which is owned by Interacting. By April 2013 he organized an event to support Moovz in Israel, with fifteen international “ambassadors” participating. He has produced videos for the company as well, and traveled in July 2013 to fifteen countries over 28 days for the official Moovz campaign. As of May 2014, Divany in Hungary reported that moozv had been dubbed “the gay Facebook” by journalists.


Twitter: @idanmat
Instagram: idanmat


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