“I Promote the Gay Social Agenda”

Harel Skaat started his career in the Israeli version of “American Idol,” ten years ago. This week he comes back to a reality/competition TV show – this time as a judge – in the second season of ‘The Next Star’. In a new interview that was published this weekend in Israel, Skaat spoke candidly about being gay.


Skaat came out of the closet publicly after six years of being in the spotlight. His opinion about the coming out of famous people is that no one should push people to do it, because it’s a process. “For me, the social impact can happen after you come out. Before that, the thing is private, between you and yourself, and you don’t have to give a damn what the whole world and your fans think. It’s not interesting,” Skaat says.

On the other hand, Skaat has no problem with the fact that he has never became a symbol of the gay community. “I never went to the Gay Pride Parades,” he admits. “I don’t like to dance around people with thongs and accessories. It’s not pleasant to me. Don’t like it. Is this what contributes to the community and promotes it in society? Absolutely not. Definitely not. It’s important for me to promote the social agenda of gays, and this change is now taking place, big time. And that is what’s important: to be accepted and equal in social and political rights, just like everyone else.”

In the interview, Skaat also spoke about his on-again-off-again boyfriend, model Idan Roll. Although the two have been separated 4 times already, Skaat himself admitted that he was afraid of everything related to one night stands in Israel and prefers to have them with people he can trust. That is, other celebrities. Even when it comes to a four-month relationship with famous TV host Assi Azar, (who also hosts “The Next Star” in Israel), Skaat is very determined. “We’re not compatible in any way,” he says. “We can be very good friends, we can make each other laugh, but not be together. And also, we don’t need to be.”

Harel reveals in the article that he and Idan have just moved to a new apartment together “I had a gorgeous flat that we lived in for a long time, but I wanted Idan to go into an apartment that felt like it belonged to the two of us, that it was not just mine. This transition has not affected our relationship, because we went through much more dramatic things in the past four years. We broke up four times, and it’s funny, because we’ve never fought. The period when we started to fight is the period when we stayed most together, which is now. ”

What are you fighting about?

“He gets angry that I don’t trust him at times, but I explain to him that, on the contrary, I want to help him and make it easy on him. I can be very annoying in things related to physical work, because I know exactly how to pick up this cardboard box in the right way so it will not scratch the wall, and I say it in such a way that can be understood as if I’m the only one who can do it. Which is bullshit. ”

Your last breakup lasted ten months.

“Yes, I will never forget how, in one of the conversations before breaking up, he said, ‘we can break up.’ The way he said the words, I felt a stone roll off my heart. I said to myself, there it is, he said the word. We broke up, but lived together for another month, and we were just friends. Everything was fine. But the moment I suddenly realized that the friendship becomes real and the relationship is disappearing, it was like a slap in my face. On that day I felt I was going to lose him. And that was a hard slap, a very important one, because I was a bit carefree. We didn’t speak for a while, and then I went on a war to bring him back. ”

Did you cry?

“A lot. Actually not a lot, when I think about it. In my memory it was considered a lot, because I’m not a person who cries, but when it happened, there was one day I just felt like death. Because I suddenly realized how much I love him, and how much I allowed myself to give up” .

What makes you a good couple?

“God only knows. We are very different, but we are very good friends, we make each other laugh, and we have a unique sense of loyalty and togetherness.”

Do your families know each other?

“My mother called me today and told me, ‘My son-in-law loves me more than you, my son-in-law pays attention to me, my son-in-law writes me. I swear to God. It’s a quote. They are in love with him.”

Are there thoughts about marriage?

“No. I’m not interested in that. It seems to me that even if I was straight, I wouldn’t have gotten married. I sometimes go to events, weddings, and say, what, is this still happening? But I do understand the desire for a spiritual connection ritually.”

And what about having kids?

“I’m kind of on the fence. On the one hand I want to take an interest in the options of surrogacy abroad; on the other, I’m waiting to see what happens in Israel. There will soon probably be inflation in all those who want to have children via surrogacy, and we are waiting to see what happens in Israel. I can’t put it off too long, because there will always be my projects and I’ll always travel abroad to perform. I also know myself: one day I’ll wake up in the morning and say, Okay, now this is happening. Ten months after that I’ll be with a stroller.”