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Hundreds Back Rival Petitions in Rabbis’ ‘Gay Revolution’ Spat

Dispute triggered by Rabbi Joseph Dweck’s comments about homosexuality draws international criticism, including from Israel’s Chief Sephardi leader

Rabbi Joseph Dwek (left) and a poster promoting Rabbi Bassous’ response

Hundreds of religious Jews have signed petitions both for and against Senior Sephardi Rabbi Joseph Dweck after he said the sexual revolution allowing acceptance of homosexuality had been a “fantastic” development for humanity.

Dweck, who is head of the Sephardi community in the UK, has now been called a “heretic” by American rabbis and criticized by Israel’s Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, but hundreds of Sephardi Jews in the UK have defended him.

Arguing that he had been attacked by those more concerned with “political manoeuvring,” Dweck said: “I did not say that homosexual acts were fantastic. I said that the development in society had residual benefits much in the same way that Islam and Christianity did, as the Rambam pointed out.”

He added: “These residual effects in my opinion are that it has helped society be more open to the expression of love between men. I was not asserting law, nor for that matter, demanding a particular way of thought. I was simply presenting a personal observation. Admittedly, ‘fantastic’ was an exaggerated word.” Read the full story on Jewish News UK