Hoshen Announces New Leader

Longtime activist attorney Yigal Avrahami was elected new chairman of Hoshen (Education and Change), and will replace Dr. Itay Harlap, the organization announced yesterday.


Yigal, 32, a native of Kfar Saba, works in a consulting company in the field of corporate responsibility. He lives in Tel Aviv with his partner Dor, a Bachelor of Law studies and a graduate student in public law.

Yigal joined Hoshen in 2009. Over the years he was a member in the volunteers guiding team and seminars team, and a board member since 2013. Yigal will serve in the position as a volunteer, according to the regulations of Hoshen.

“Since I joined Hoshen, the line in my resume stating that I volunteer is the one I’m the most happy about and feel the most connected to,” Yigal wrote in a statement to the organization’s volunteers. “Hoshen is not something I’ve done in the past, but something I do in the present and I will continue to do in the future. After all, every time we talk and talk about coming out, the difficulties and obstacles that exist today for LGBT, gender identities, the LGBTphobia, even if it is outside the classrooms – we make Education and Change, we make Hoshen. Hoshen is not just a noun, for me Hoshen is also an adjective, and one that requires me to do something…”

In a Facebook post, the organization thanked outgoing chairman Dr. Itay Harlap, for his huge investment in carrying out his duties. “You did a lot to drive Hoshen forward, to where it is today. These are not words of goodbye. Itay will continue to be part of the organization, both as a member of the Board of Directors, and a personal story volunteer in classrooms.