Hoshen-Featured-1Hoshen — Education and Change — is the education and information center of the LGBT community in Israel. It is a nationwide, non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to fight stereotypes regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Hoshen is officially recognized by the Educational Psychological Autority (SHEFI) of the Israeli Ministry of Education.
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Over 200 volunteers work daily to achieve this goal via a wide array of educational activities: personal meetings, academic lectures, workshops, and seminars. Those are aimed at many different target audiences: high school students and teachers, university students and faculty members, police and border guard corps officers, soldiers, army cadets and officers, medical staff, social workers, and guidance counselors.


AILO LOGO NEW A1Alliance of Israeli LGBTQ Educational Organizations
AILO is a collaboration of Israel Gay Youth, Hoshen and Tehila working together to build community, teach understanding, and create change.  In March 2012, A Wider Bridge sponsored “Rainbow Generations,” a visit by the leaders of AILO to the West Coast of the United States and Canada.  They spoke at events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver.  You can read about that visit here.


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Hoshen team at 2013 Tel Aviv Pride Parade: Coloring the city Pink