Hollywood actresses sizzle in new Jewish lesbian love story

Rachel Weisz will be seduced by Rachel McAdams in new Jewish lesbian film Disobedience, based on the controversial novel by Naomi Alderman

Rachel McAdams previously kissed Noomi Rapace in Passion

The two actress will be doing more than sharing a first name in a fearless look at faith, family and sexuality. Weisz, herself, will not only star in the film, she will also produce.

Alderman’s source material tells the passionate and dramatic story of a Jewish woman, Ronit, who returns to her Orthodox family in London after her father, the local rabbi, dies.

Ronit has created a new life for herself in New York and revels in her freedom. But her life as a chain-smoking career woman in love with a married man will not be the thing that most shocks her family when old feelings arise.

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