Holland: Benjamin Reich Exhibition

Benyamin Reich is a gay Israeli artist living in Berlin. His art is now exhibited part of the exhibition ‘Oh Boy … One town: two worlds’ at gallery MooiMan in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Here is what he writes about himself:

“I was raised in a Jewish Hassidic family, with eleven children, and attended religious schools and yeshivahs. My father served as a rabbi in ultra-orthodox congregations in Israel and abroad. As a teenager, I was attracted to art. I left the orthodox way of life and moved to the artistic world.

In my work, beauty and aesthetics come together with the tradition I was brought up in. My goal is to capture the Jewish orthodox man as a beautiful and sensual being, in contrast with the stereotype of the Jewish religious man as unattractive and unaesthetic.”

On October 25, 2014 Reich visited Amsterdam to see the Gay Monument (HomoMonument). Menne Vellinga from MVSGAYSTATION was waiting for him to have a look back at his life and his works.