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High Court: Ad Can Promote Arab and LGBT Rights, But Not Gay Marriage

A public service announcement celebrating Arab and LGBT equality cannot be banned, but the part of the advertisement emphasizing gay marriage can be, the High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitioned the court in February, after the Second Authority for Television and Radio refused to overturn its ban on the ad in support of same-sex marriage and speaking Arabic in Israel.

The court partially upheld the petition, ruling that the ad be reinstated apart from its reference to the idea of gay marriage, ordering the words “to marry” to be deleted from the sentence “the right to love, to marry even if I’m gay.”

A panel of three justices accepted the argument by the ACRI that the message of promoting human rights cannot be considered controversial in a democratic country, and agreed that the broadcasting authority should not disqualify sentences such as “The right to speak Arabic without being afraid” and “The right to love, even if I’m gay.” Continue reading in The Jerusalem Post