Hebro Celebrates Rooftop Pride

On Wednesday night, Hebro, the organization for Jewish gay guys in New York City, threw its annual pre-Pride parade happy hour at the Attic Rooftop & Lounge on West 48th Street.

A Wider Bridge’s Tyler Gregory (right) with Jayson Littman at Hebro’s annual Pride party.

In true Pride fashion, the party started before people began arriving at the actual event. First, guests traveled down a maze-like hallway with black-painted walls lit by a series of neon purple arrows leading the way; it made you feel like an adult Alice about to enter a rave in Wonderland. Then attendees stepped into an elevator thumping with electronic dance music so energizing that even the security guard let out a few fist pumps.

Stepping off the elevator, guests walked onto a red carpet littered with rose petals, which led to an outdoor sunny rooftop. The indoor-outdoor space could have been mistaken for a sukkah with its winding decorative tree branches layering the walls and ceiling.

Throwing annual Pride parties at various venues throughout New York City (last year’s event was held at The Jewish Museum), Hebro founder Jayson Littman is passionate about getting people together for the annual gay rights celebration. “We always try to do something social because you really want people to be celebrating during this time,” said Littman.

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