Happy Thanksgiving! Check Out Our Jewish-LGBTQ Holiday Resource!

A Wider Bridge has compiled a Jewish-LGBTQ resource that is all about Thanksgiving! You are welcome to suggest more stories or send us your  view of Thanksgiving on our Facebook page! Happy Turkey Day!

Navigating uncomfortable conversations around the dining room table? Practice first with the “How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over Thanksgiving” chatbox. Read the story in the NYT>>

Hannah-Featured-1Jewish transgender activist Hannah Simpson gives us a few tips from the trans and nonbinary world to help you be an amazing ally this Thanksgiving and beyond. Read >>

senior-photo-300x222For Ari Weinstein, a student at Tufts University, Thanksgiving has a deeper connection with Judaism than with turkey or cranberry sauce. Read his story on My Jewish Learning>>

ZacharyDominitz“4 Gay Women, 8 Jews and the Pope Walk into a Midlife Crisis…” Zachary Dominitz spent Thanksgiving with his mother who came out and her exes, and his dad who suffered a stroke. Read the story>>

imagesCAE7FKU5When refugees arrived in America fresh from the horrors of the Holocaust, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society helped them get acclimated. Part of their acclimation process was learning about a quintessentially American holiday. In November 1947, JTA reported on Thanksgiving dinners organized for displaced persons. Read JTA Thanksgiving Archives>>


565351da1b0000270029e665The Thanksgiving tradition that BCC member Alex Wexler, his partner Gregg Milano and son Jacob established is so heartwarming that it inspired the RaiseAChild.US staff to honor their family in a unique way. The Huffington Post


thanksgivukkah-WEBDon’t blink, because it won’t happen for another 79,811 years. It’s the intersection of Thanksgiving and the first full day of Hanukkah, of course. Call it Thanksgivukkah. Lots of people are. Read the story>>

DanaBeyer180x200We are living through a relatively unique event, similar to a comet sighting that occurs every 70,000 years. This Thanksgiving season is the first time since 1899, and the last until 2070, that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlap. That makes it a once-in-a-lifetime event. Read the story>>


951Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN political contributor, tells the story of his friends’ terrific son, Joe; He’s strong, intelligent, sensitive and also gay. This was no problem to his smart, loving (and Jewish) parents; but still, at 13, Joe tried to kill himself. A Gay Son and His Dad Give Thanks>>


718186023_dTWBo-SOn November 18, 2009 at the Osher Marin’s Jewish Community Center’s (JCC) Hoyt Theater, 65 LGBT Seniors gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving with a Jewish bite! Read the story on The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund’s website>>