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Group identified behind Dutch leaflets calling on all religions to exterminate gay people

The group behind the leaflets in Amsterdam calling on all religions to unite to exterminate gay people has appeared to have been identified.


The pamphlets, which were distributed to homes in the western districts of the Netherlands capital, gave rise to at least 75 complaints to the authorities.

‘According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, homosexuality is forbidden,’ the leaflet reads, before quoting Romans 26-28 that refers to men ‘burned in their lust toward one another’ who received ‘due penalty for the error.

On the other side of the Dutch flyers is a list of incorrect and offensive ‘statistics’.

‘The number of children being sexually abused by homosexual parents is 29%,’ they claim.

‘Homosexuals have a 50% higher chance of depression than heterosexual people. The suicide percentage is more than 200%.’

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