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Golden Age Chosen as the 2018 Pride Parade Theme in Israel

The Israeli Gay Pride Administration announced this morning (Tuesday) that LGBTQ seniors and longtime community members will be the theme of the 2018 gay pride events around the country. The annual theme will be expressed throughout the year in the LGBTQ organizations’ activities and will be promoted in the community’s discourse, as well as headline the various Pride parades and events in Israel in 2018.

“2018 is a symbolic year for the LGBTQ community and symbolizes milestones of the community over the years,” explained the Pride Administration, “It’s been 30 years since the ban against gay sex was abolished, 20 years since the first big Pride parade in Tel Aviv, 20 years since the historic win of Dana International, a transgender woman, in the Eurovision Song Contest, and 10 years since the establishment of the Tel Aviv LGBT Center. In such a symbolic year, the administration decided to dedicate the annual theme to the founding generation of the community that paved the way for us all.”

In contrast to previous years, this year the Pride Administration decided not to conduct an open survey in the community, but rather to put the issue to the vote of representatives of the organizations.

The issue was chosen by most of the representatives, after last year came in second place in the public survey.

In February, the administration will hold an open think-tank meeting for the public and organizations to develop the annual theme and its expression on the community agenda.

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