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Going in Shira Banki’s Way

Ori Banki, father of Shira Banki, announced the launch of “Derech Shira Banki” (‘Shira Banki’s Way,’ SBW), a new organization aimed at promoting acceptance and understanding in the Israeli public.


Shira Banki’s Way plans to engage in educational activities and to promote values of moderation in the public domain. “Our hope is that the moderate, silent majority, which has been raising its voice over the past year, will power up and build a more tolerant and healthy society and it’s flashy minority extremists will be pushed aside,” writes Banki.

“Our goal is to promote a better, more ethical and balanced society, that recognizes and respects the individual and gives each person his place.”

Among its projects, Shira Banki’s Way formed an academic clinic to fight hatred in the public domain that will provide free legal assistance and will published statements and bill suggestions.

“Over the past year we have dealt with many projects established in memory of Shira and have been following her way, and we hope with your help to continue and expand our activities. You are invited to visit the website, get updated, and particularly to join and support a good, moderate and more tolerant society.”

Shira Banki’s Way – Organization’s website