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Gila Project

Project Gila is the movement for transgender empowerment in Israel. It began in 2011 from within the transgender community and for its benefit. Gila is a group of activists working to better the living conditions of the non-gender-conforming community. Gila emphasizes self-empowerment, the exercise of legal rights, and access to resources and opportunities.

Gila advocates for the authentic expression of gender identity for all, regardless of one’s economic situation, medical status, ethnicity, or religion, and seeks to protect members of the transgendered community from harassment, discrimination, and violence. We provide individual assistance for community members who need support. In addition, we advocate broader social and institutional change for transgendered people, with the understanding that the state has a central role in regulating gender norms. Official website

Gila Project works in three area:

The Legal team – we seek to help individuals by providing advice and legal assistance. The legal team advises individuals with work or rental contracts, and assists individuals in managing debts, filing legal claims, and more.

The Housing team – we seek to assist individuals in finding an apartment by helping apartment hunt online or accompanying individuals in apartment viewings. In addition, we can help find temporary accommodation by reaching out to our community to help host individuals for different periods of time.

The Social team – we run a care&support program that let people from the community volunteer to provide support and a company to others from the community. We also assist transgender people in navigating the social welfare bureaucracy by providing help with completing required forms and meeting eligibility criteria.


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