Gay Union Disinvites ‘Homophobic’ Jewish Home

Despite Bennett greatly boosting budget for gay youth, LGBT Task Force asks him and Magal of his party not to come to rally in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli National LGBT Task Force union is holding a rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday night on the background of last Thursday’s stabbing attack by a haredi man at the controversial gay pride parade in Jerusalem – but it has disinvited Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett and Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal.

The pro-homosexual union contacted Magal’s office in a request not to arrive, with one activist of the group telling Channel 10: “does it seem reasonable to you that the homophobic party will go up on stage?”

Bennett said that while on his way to the even he received a message asking him not to come, noting that earlier, “when the organizers of the rally invited me to speak I happily accepted. I am the education minister of all children of Israel.”

Jewish Home has traditionally opposed homosexuality given that Jewish law strictly forbids it. In a January video ahead of elections, leading party members were shown stating their opposition to same-sex marriage – opposition which Reform and leftist critics labeled “primitive.”

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