Gay Soldier’s Blood Discarded

IDF officer protests Magen David Adom’s decision to dispose of donation based on anonymous tip concerning his sexuality

BloodDonation-1Paramedics discarded blood voluntarily donated by a serving IDF officer after an anonymous tip-off claimed the donor may be homosexual, Channel 2 reported.

The officer, who was unnamed in the report, allegedly received a letter from Magen David Adom notifying him that his blood packets would be rejected due third-party information the organization received concerning his sexuality.

Most Western nations, including the United States, refuse blood donations from sexually-active gay males due to a heightened prevalence of diseases such as HIV. Detractors of this regulation claim though that it has no basis in medical science as donors can be tested for disease.

In Israel, any male who engaged in gay sex from 1977 onward is not be allowed to donate blood.

The officer, while not denying his sexuality, was irked by the fact that paramedics acted on an anonymous tip.

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