Gay PM Xavier Bettel Of Luxembourg Becomes First Official Of That Country To Visit Israel

Openly gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel visited Israel, met with Israeli officials and participated in an LGBT Tech conference in Tel Aviv

PM Bettel (second from right) at LGBT tech conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday, in his office, met with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. The visit is the first by a Prime Minister of Luxembourg to Israel. The meeting was very good and was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Luxembourg Prime Minister Bettel invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit his country. Topics discussed at the meeting included bilateral economic relations and ways to deepen them as well as various regional issues.

PM Bettel said, “I’m very glad to be here in Israel today with my delegation. It’s the first time a Luxembourgish Prime Minister is visiting your country and I’m very happy to hear also that the position of my Government, 70 years later, to apologize to the Jewish community by saying that we were not all heroes in my country, was deeply appreciated. For me it was important to do that step because it’s never too late to recognize errors but the biggest error is not to recognize errors. So I’m happy that we did it. Read the story on the Yeshiva World

Xavier Bettel, along with Luxembourg for Finance and The Floor, Tel Aviv’s FinTech incubator, held a seminar hosted within the impressive premises of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange with the aim to promote partnership opportunities between both FinTech hubs. Read the story on Luxembourg for Finance

The honorable Prime Minister also took part in an event for Israel LGBT business on Tuesday. “Last night we were privileged to host an event for Israel LGBT business leaders with Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Mr. Xavier Bettel, a proud member of the LGBT community,” wrote Elad Mintzer, owner of White City Apartments in Tel Aviv. “One only gets a few opportunities in life to find role models. someone who can inspire you, and help you dream of a better future. Some people think wrongly that being gay, means you can not be successful in life, Bettel said.”

“Being gay, Bettel not only made changes in his own country, but also laid the path for LGBT people around the world. May it be in Saudi Arabia, Senegal or Israel. Thank you for a truly inspiring night!”