Gay Palestinians Living In Israel

New documentary maps the personal and political territory of gay Palestinians living in Israel. “Whenever people consume content about Israel-Palestine, they immediately expect this stark black-and-white,” says “Oriented” director Jake Witzenfeld.


Gay. Palestinian. Israeli. Three identities that seem, at first glance, to be at odds with each other, but are intrinsic to the three men at the heart of Jake Witzenfeld’s feature documentary, Oriented, playing later this month at New York’s NewFest.

The daring new film intimately explores the identities, connections and obstacles—both personal and political—at play in the the lives of three close friends, all of whom are gay Palestinians living in Israel.

Khader Abu-Seif, described as “a Tel Aviv ’darling,’” has a Jewish partner but is struck by hopelessness—not only for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but in his own life.

Ditto Fadi, a Palestinian nationalist, has begun to fall for a passionate Zionist.

And the struggle to come out to his family and friends is all too real for Naeem Jiryes.

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