Gay Jewish singer Troy Sivan releases his new song in Israel

Twenty year old Australian singer and actor Troye Sivan has recently released his mini-album ‘Wild’, that conquered the top of the music download chart on iTunes in 35 countries, including Israel.

The title track, Wild, is the song that was chosen to promote the EP on the radio, and released earlier this week in Israel by Helicon Music.

“Sivan” is Troye’s middle name, which he embraced as his stage name, and is the Jewish month in which he was born. (Troye’s father was born to a Jewish family and his mother converted to Judaism.) Troye attended Carmel School until 2009 when he started distance education due to his worldwide success.

Troye’s big break was last year with the song ‘Happy Little Pill’, that topped iTunes downloads charts in many countries. Shortly after his EP “Trxye” was released, he came out as gay in an emotional YouTube video.