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Gay Israeli TV Chef Talks Food and Marriage

Israel’s leading culinary journalist Gil Hovav, who is gay, recently chatted with the Windy City Times’ reporter Matt Simonette. Hovav and his partner, Daniel Halperin, have been together for thirty years and have a daughter, Naomi.

A prominent gay TV personality, food journalist and chef in Israel, Gil Hovav, insists that he’s “not that infatuated with food.”

Hovav—who recently passed through Chicago on his way to a speaking engagement elsewhere in the States—explained, “I love food, but I don’t think it’s the most important thing in life. But still it’s a part of everyone’s life. We enjoy it, so why not?”

Hovav and his partner, Daniel Halperin, have a teenage daughter, Naomi. He said that, “It is not really difficult, but not really ‘special,'” to be openly gay and a celebrity. “I’m 55-years-old. All of my gay and lesbian friends have children—all of them. Gay families are very strong in Israel.

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