Gay Arab activist wraps himself in the flags

Khader Abu-Seif poses with the symbols of the two ‘states have screwed me for 28 years of my life’

Khader Abu-Seif

Khader Abu-Seif is used to putting himself on display. The gay Arab activist was one of the three young men profiled in Jake Witzenfeld’s recent documentary, “Oriented.”

Now he’s “Celebration #109,” featured in photographer Xavier Klaine’s series of people photographed while draped in bunting of Israeli and Palestinian flags.

“He takes pictures of people, mostly Jews, in these necklaces of flags,” said Abu-Seif. “It’s about looking at the two flags, and not necessarily the politicization of it.”

Not that Abu-Seif, a gay Arab from a prominent Muslim mafia family in Jaffa, has any problem with politics, activism or identity.

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