Gal Uchovsky comes to DC

The Jewish Federation’s inaugural Meet the Change Makers event hosts prominent gay rights advocate, Gal Uchovsky, on November 17 in Washington DC. A Wider Bridge takes part in this event.


Recognized as “the most influential LGBT person in Israel,” Uchovsky’s dynamic portfolio as a journalist, filmmaker and TV personality has made him a media expert and an instrumental leader in building what he calls, “a prosperous LGBTQ community in Israel.”

Uchovsky will share his expert perspective on the advancement of the LGBTQ community in Israel, the media’s influence on Israeli culture and his vision for the future of Israel’s LGBTQ community

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Gal Uchovsky is a TV personality, film maker, journalist and gay activist. Mr. Uchovsky is the president and co-founder of IGY, Israeli Gay Youth Organization he established in 2002 with Yaniv Waizman. The organization has since become the biggest and strongest LGBT organization in the country.

The monthly gay magazine Pink Time named him in 2010 “The most influential LGBT person in Israel”. read more about Gal