Gal Gadot Addresses Wonder Woman’s Bisexuality

Not long ago, Greg Rucka teased sexuality and another mystery shrouding the Wonder Woman. The comic writer sent the fan circles into a frenzy after he threw a question on the character’s sexuality. Rucka’s comments hint at a bisexual fictional superhero in the upcoming movie. In the wake of his statements, Gal Gadot herself gives her take.


Gal Gadot’s interview by Variety is doing the rounds for its significance to the Wonder Woman sexuality conundrum. Gal Gadot acknowledges Greg’s statements and thinks it actually “makes sense.” Additionally, The Fast And The Furious actress talks about the character’s legacy and the highlights of the movie.

Before jumping the gun, it’s important to realize that the 2017 movie won’t explore the sexuality aspect. Furthermore, the bisexuality of Wonder Woman stands for something larger than mere orientation. It sheds light on the character’s temperament, naivety and simply the curiosity.

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