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From ‘Hangover’ to Gay Role

Actor Justin Bartha is drawing some attention to himself in the gay community for his newest role on NBC‘s newest comedy series, “The New Normal“ (Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30 ). Bartha plays David Murray, a gay gynecologist in the new show. The story centers around his character and his ‘partner’ Bryan Collins (portrayed by Andrew Rannells) who are trying to become partners while still juggling their lives. However, the actor is best known for his portrayal of Doug Billings in the 2009 film The Hangover, the friend that in the first installment was lost from the rest of the cast, trying to get him to his wedding.

Now, DO NOT get the story line mistaken with his personal life! The 34-year old star is a heterosexual man. One of his most famous celebrity relationships was the one where he dated Ashley Olsen a while back. However, he’s an advocate for gay rights-inside and out of the small screen-  and in an interview with Ellen Degeneres this week, he said: “I have a younger brother who is gay. He’s my only brother and I play my character in his honor.”

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