For Lesbian Couple, Creating Jewish Home is Part of the Job

Rabbi Megan GoldMarche and her wife Paige are likely the first queer couple hired “to be a family to the Jewish community” at the Silverstein Base Hillel in Lincoln Park.

For Megan GoldMarche, creating a home alongside her wife Paige is literally part of her job.

Megan has, since 2016, been rabbi at the Silverstein Base Hillel in Lincoln Park. It serves all area universities and colleges except Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, among them DePaul and Loyola Universities, University of Illinois at Chicago and Columbia College. In its first year, Silverstein Base Hillel served about 800 individuals, Megan said.

Megan and Paige organize programming and dinners for students and others at the Hillel, where they live, several times monthly. Megan further emphasized that the Hillel does “about a third of our work [with people] in the first stage of life after college—that’s a pretty broadly-defined stage, mostly their mid- to late 20s to their early 30s.”

She added, “There used to be a sense that, ‘After college, life had begun.’ We’re no longer seeing that. That’s a space the Jewish community is trying to figure out. … We’re the first time that a rabbinic family has entered that space and said, ‘We understand the needs college students have—mentorship, support, learning—and that people [immediately after] that stage of life still need them.”

Megan and Paige wear that ‘rabbinic family’ moniker proudly. Continue reading on Windy City Times