First Ever Tel Aviv Gay Marriage Fair

Israeli LGBT weddings website initiates a first of its kind LGBT-wedding fair in Tel Aviv

Photo by Galit Sabag

For the first time in Israel, website “Ga’ava B’Chupah” (‘Pride at the Chuppah’) will host a gay marriage fair, where couples will be able to hear about the various possibilities of institutionalizing the relationship, receiving recommendations and tips for organizing the wedding, meeting the most gay friendly suppliers in the field, and enjoying tastings.

As part of the social fair, which takes place tomorrow (April 21) in Tel Aviv, the couples will be able to meet with the service providers and recommended suppliers of the website. The suppliers promise unique benefits on the day of the fair for the attendees.

In addition, the attendees can participate in a talk with Inbal Oren, the director of the Havayah Center, Israel Hofsheet’s ceremony center. Oren will explain everything that needs to be known before getting married, in order for couples to choose the right option for them. Inbox will also provide information and guidance regarding the ceremony and the status of same sex marriage legislation in Israel.

Although currently same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Israel, the Israeli Government has registered same-sex marriages performed abroad since 2006.