Film About Gay Man With HIV Proves Documentaries Are Best Thing in Israeli Cinema

Meshing the personal with the political, the Heymann brothers’ ‘Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?’ proves documentary films are an inherent part of Israeli cinema. Critics are praising following the theatrical release of the documentary in Israel


Everything contained in the Heymann Brothers’ new film flows into this excellent scene, whose power stems from the fact that it raises an already fine movie up another level and turns it from a documentary that tells a story into a film that makes a broader statement about Israeli society, which is the goal of any good documentary. The film reveals the degree to which the prevailing belief – that there has been progress in Israeli society’s attitude toward the LGBT community – is merely an illusion.

This statement is especially prominent in the Heymann Brothers’ film because Saar grew up on a religious kibbutz and is the scion of a family ruled over by a father who is an emblem of macho Israeli maleness. The movie could almost have been a brutal caricature of an Israeli family that symbolizes the patriarchy in its most demonstratively macho and national sense, had the Heymann Brothers not been aware of the complexity of the human experience that encompasses the film’s hero and revealed its nuances sensitively, without being too judgmental. Read the full Haaretz review

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? received a very warm welcome from the home audience at the Israeli premiere of the film. The film’s protagonist Saar Maoz attended the premiere along with his family members who are portrayed in the film. They gave inspiring speeches about the importance of communication between family members, and how the film played a big role in bringing them closer and learning to accept Saar as HIV positive.

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? will have its SWISS PREMIERE at PINK APPLE Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in Zurich on Saturday, 30 April. Saar Maoz, the protagonist of the film, will attend the screening and hold a Q&A session.

In other Tomer Heymann news, Tomer’s documentary ‘Mr. Gaga’ wins AWARDS at SXSW, Sofia Int’l Film Festival and Tempo Documentary Festival.

The SXSW Audience Award results were certified by the accounting firm of Maxwell Locke & Ritter. Tomer Heymann won Documentary Spotlight Award for Mr. Gaga.