Famous Israeli Drag Queen Gives 10 Tips for Beginners

Drag artist Gil Naveh, AKA Galina for de Bra, founder of Drag School in Israel gives 10 tips for a beginner drag queen. Get your stilettos ready


1. Who you are and why you came into this world: first and foremost, you have to decide who your character is, what her style is and what exactly she wants to say and what added value she adds to the drag world apart from being another man in stilettos who wears heavy makeup.

2. Don’t Spend Money for No Reason! – Drag is an expensive business. Wigs, dresses, shoes, makeup – and all that before you think about going on stage. Think about every dime and be sure you spend money on things you really need.

3. Become Friends with Other Drag Queens (good luck with that!) – Most of the queens, especially the young ones, for some reason adopt the attitude of a mean bitch. Sometimes even the more experienced queens do it. Don’t let it leave an impact on you.

4. Learn to Put on Makeup Yourself – It takes time and it’s worth the money. On the way you learn a new skill that you can earn extra money from.

5. There’s No Substitute for a Precise Lip-sync – This is the official career terminator. A queen who doesn’t know the words to the song she performs, (no matter which language it is) will turn off the audience. The audience always notices and usually leaves and never comes back.

6. Learn How to Shave Properly – it’s best to learn how to do everything by yourself instead of running to other people to do it for you: waxing, wig styling and shaving.

7. Don’t Be Late! – If you don’t show up on time – next time someone else will. And it doesn’t matter how good your show is. Come ready and on time.

8. Learn! – Market Segmentation, marketing, art form surveys… no, it’s not from a business management studies syllabus. This is the base for every drag queen nowadays.

9. Invest in Basic Equipment – For a beginning this is the most important base: 2 push-up strapless bras, and at least three pairs of thick skin-color pantyhose. Defining tummy belt or corset, strong tucking underwear, versatile wig, strong and stable high heel shoes, little black dress, basic makeup (including fake eyelashes) and most importantly- a smile and confidence.

10. Set Yourself a Border – You have to know where the queen ends and the human being behind her starts. There’s a huge difference between the stage and reality and it’s important to understand when the illusion wears off, otherwise – you’d live in an illusion.