Erez Bialer’s Way of Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride

As a part of a series of interviews with personalities who make the LGBTQ community shine, gay website Queerty spoke with Erez Bialer about his memories from Pride, including Israeli nude beaches, Offer Nissim & getting thrown out of his own party

Erez Bialer is a 34-year-old writer/editor/former circuit party producing Jack-of-all-trades from Tel Aviv, Israel. These days, Erez writes about tourism for City Mouse (The Israeli Time Out for Tel Aviv) and leads gay tours to the most amazing (and the only clothing optional) beaches in Israel.

What are you working on right now that brings you pride?

One of the most beautiful beaches in Israel (and the only gay friendly naturist one), Gaash Beach, is only 30 minutes away from Tel Aviv, but up until now it was totally inaccessible for people without a vehicle, because getting there with public transportation includes walking a mile and half in the dunes in the sun. So right now I’m so proud and thrilled to present Gaash Express, the most comfortable way to get to Gaash Beach and back, in an air-conditioned luxurious minibus. There are 2 times during the day you can go: morning and noon. Tickets are very limited.

Describe your first pride.

My first pride was just a brief visit to the parade in 2005. It was very very hot and it wasn’t even close to its magnitude today because the financial potential was yet to be discovered by the municipality of Tel Aviv, and so it wasn’t funded by it yet.

Does Pride feel different this year?

I don’t know if Pride itself feels different here, but I do feel like the LGBTQ community in Israel is protesting and acting on matters that concern, not only the local but also the global community. I believe the protests against the alleged situation in Checheniya, in front of the Russian embassy, and the fundraiser afterwards, donating funds to organizations helping people reach shelter, really made a difference. For me, this unity is heart warming.

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