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End of the road?

The strike down of the bill aiming to outlaw discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation could be the end of the road for the Lapid / Bennett alliance

NaftalieYair-Featured-1The Ministerial Committee for Legislation rejected a bill on Sunday aiming to outlaw discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, just a week after Habayit Hayehudi shot down another gay-rights bill.

While five ministers voted to support the proposal, written by Yesh Atid faction chairman MK Ofer Shelah, five ministers from the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi and Israel Beytenu parties voted against it.

Responding to the outcome, Health Minister Yael German (Yesh Atid) decided to appeal and brought the proposal to the committee’s agenda for next week.

In practice, Shelah’s bill would amend the Interpretation Law, which regulates the legal interpretation of Israel’s civil and criminal codes. In all laws covering discrimination, Shelah’s bill would add a stipulation including “discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” while maintaining the “purpose of the legislation.”

Shelah’s bill would “constitute an interpretive tool for courts over any issue concerning discrimination,” making “an educational declaration about equal rights in Israeli society.”

Issuing the proposal, Shelah wrote on his Facebook page: “It needs to be clear and fixed in law that sexual orientation and gender identity are an individual’s private concerns. Any individual who fails to understand this, maintaining and abiding by outdated notions, will be violating the law and therefore subject to penalty.”

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