Education Minister Corrects Gay Youth Budget

Education Ministry announced Sunday that it will increase the funds for all youth organizations in Israel, in order for IGY to received the budget that was promised by Minister Naftali Bennett

IGY’s social media campaign, “Promises Should Be Kept”

Following IGY’s campaign against Minister of Education Naftali Bennett’s announcement of cutting the budget for the Israeli Gay Youth organization, the Education Ministry announced Sunday that it will give a total of NIS 10 million increase in the budget for youth organizations, which means that IGY gets another NIS 200,000 – which put the organization’s total annual budget a little over million shekels.

“Thanks to the activists and students of IGY, and thanks to the many other people from throughout the country who contributed to this amazing organization, the budget for all the other youth organizations was increased, which means more youth from all over the country will get more resources for education and values – and all thanks to what all of us did, together,” wrote IGY’s operations manager Ruby Magen. “This proves, once again, that the gay community has influence on Israeli society, and that our struggle is connected to the struggles of our brothers and sisters throughout the country.”

The organization announced that thanks to the increase in the budget and the money that was raised from the public, it will be able to return loans and start 2017 without deficit.

Earlier this month, minister Naftali Bennett explained that the cut in IGY’s budget was caused by mistake “due to the addition of new organizations and the increase in the number of students in the existing organizations.”

In addition to the announcement on the increase, the Education Ministry has announced that it will examine more ways to support the organization starting this year, and will attempt to pass a regulation that will focus on a direct budget for LGBT youth.

In the midst of the great news, the organization also celebrated the marriage of outgoing co-CEO, Mandy Michaeli, to her partner Dana Raz, in San Diego this week.