Ed Murray Israel Visit: A Summary

Israeli website Ynet News summarizes Mayor Ed Murray’s Israel visit, which included a participation in the 40 Years of Pride conference

Mayor Murray in Yad Vashem

Openly gay Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will be among those celebrating Israel’s LGBT community at Friday’s Tel Aviv Pride Parade, despite pressure to cancel his visit.

The planned visit raised objections among activists in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, who urged the politician to cancel. LGBT boycott supporters accused Murray of complicity in Israeli propaganda, “which used its positive treatment of the LGBT community to whitewash its poor treatment of Palestinians”.

A recent editorial in Seattle weekly the Stranger said it would fight “attempts to co-opt queer voices and history in service of colonialism”.

“I respectfully disagree with those who are attempting to characterize my trip to Israel as an attempt to ‘pinkwash’ Israel’s relationship with Palestinians,” Murray told the Seattle Times.

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