D’ror Chankin-Gould to Speak About His Experience As A Gay Rabbi

Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould to give an ELI Talk about being a gay man and a rabbi.


When Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould applied to ELI talks, he made the entire office cry (here’s a sneak peek of D’ror’s application video). The work that he has put in over the past several months with his ELI coach has only served to make his accepted talk even better.

On Wednesday, December 21, D’ror will be speaking at Center on Halsted along with other brilliant and compelling speakers such as Gabby Kaplan-Mayer who is speaking about supporting families of children with special needs and Shais Rishon who is talking about his experience as a Jew of Color whose Jewishness is constantly policed in Jewish spaces. We’ll have a dinner reception at 5:30, followed by filming at 6:30pm.

ELI talks are all about Jewish religious engagement (E), Jewish literacy (L), and Jewish identity (I) with Israel and peoplehood at the core. Inspired Jewish ideas emerge at the intersection of Jewish tradition and your unique story. Drawing on the model of Jewish discourse and the latest in digital technology, ELI captures, transmits, and nurtures these ideas.

What is his talk about? D’ror’s talk lifts up our experience as LGBTQ folks and says, “Hey there, friends. I’ve learned something from my experience as a gay man that can teach the world something. Here. Let me show you.” You are very warmly invited to share in what is sure to be an emotional and inspirational experience.

Use this link to purchase your tickets. ELI Talks has created a 50% discount code especially for A Wider Bridge: AWB