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Discussion on Gay Surrogacy Postponed

Checking on the The High Court of Justice? The Ministerial Committee for Legislation decided Sunday to postpone by six months the discussion on the surrogacy bill, proposed by MK Yael German (Yesh Atid).

YaelGerman-Featured-1For members of the coalition the decision to postpone discussion is equal to the current state of the law, so that in the vote to be held on Wednesday regarding the bill-the coalition Knesset members will be asked to vote against the bill. If the bill does fail on Wednesday in the Knesset, it will be impossible to propose similar bills for the next six months.

Despite the Committee’s decision, the coalition members could still vote to change the vote of the coalition, if most coalition members inform the Chairman that they aren’t willing to vote against the bill. Similar incidents have happened in the past, even in the present Knesset, and caused the coalition to change the nature of its vote.

The decision of the Ministerial Committee also affects the High Court’s discussion set for the beginning of June, after the state sought to postpone the hearing to address the issue through legislation. In the next hearing to be held in the High Court, the state can claim once again that it’s not opposed to the law regulating the issue, and state as a fact that it hasn’t voted against the bill but has only postponed the discussion. But if the bill does not pass in the Knesset, it is hard to believe that the High Court will accept this argument again.

In response to the postponement of the vote, MK Yael German (in the photo) published a post on her Facebook page, calling on the public that supports the law to come to the plenary and take note of which of the politicians votes against the bill.

“In three months the High Court will know that the government doesn’t really intend to change the existing law, doesn’t intend to amend the discrimination in the law, and never meant that everyone is equal before the law,” wrote German. “Come Wednesday, I invite you to arrive at the Knesset, sit in the balcony and write down how members of the Knesset vote on a law that intends to maintain equality among human beings.”