Defense Ministry, Bennett Condemn Rabbi Who Called LGBT Community ‘Perverts’

“The Halacha is not meant to be used to divide us or single out people or groups,” says Education Minister Bennett as Defense Ministry director-general seeks clarifications from the pre-army preparatory yeshiva the rabbi heads.

The Defense Ministry, as well as Education Minister Naftali Bennett, on Monday harshly condemned comments made by a rabbi of a pre-army preparatory yeshiva who called LGBT persons “perverts.”

Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, a central educational figure in the religious sector, also criticized the IDF for having permitted the LGBT persons to insert their worldview in the military system.

Defense Ministry Director-General, Maj. Gen. Udi Adam, instructed the ministry’s Defense Social Branch, which is responsible for the re-army preparatory programs, to seek clarifications from the Bnei David pre-army preparatory yeshiva, which is headed by Rabbi Levinstein. The yeshiva receives half of its funding from the Defense Ministry.

The ministry did not, however, responded to questions regarding the measures it intends to take if the rabbi does not renege on his comments.

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