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Daughter of the Haredi MK Who Resigned for Attending Gay Wedding: “I’m Proud of Him”

Racheli Gueta, daughter of Haredi MK Yigal Guata, who was forced to resign after attending his gay nephew’s wedding, wrote a note in support of her father, revealing that Yigal’s support of his family’s happiness has been an issue for his colleagues for a while.

“At the moment I have only one thing to say,” Rachel Gueta wrote. “I am full of pride and love for my father. I am full of shame and sadness for that group of Haredi men who have so much hatred for this man called Yigal Guata, my dear father.”

Whether it was Racheli’s sister who wanted to have a career in the music business (Haredi Jews have a problem with women who sing) or her brother who aspires to be a professional soccer player but can’t because some matches occur on Shabbat – or whether going to the wedding to make her cousin happy…

“They’ve looked to get him down for years but didn’t have a basis, because professionally he’s flawless, and the same for his integrity,” Rachel wrote. “They’ve looked to get him down because of love and acceptance of the others within his own family.”

“You are a shame and disgrace to the human race and to the concept of love. My dad is a private human being before being a public figure. He is a family man at the highest level. You asked for peer pressure, to vilify my father for loving the people of the Torah? Do you even understand what the Torah is? It’s a protector of a sort. It talks about love. It’s not for nothing that it’s been said ‘love thy neighbor.’

“Over the past week I’ve been receiving countless messages, trying to get me to put pressure on my father to issue an apology.

“Apology? For what? for his way of life? for his integrity? his ethics? his love?! …and all implying that if he wouldn’t apologize, a group of rabbi would sign a letter to get him fired. I’m sorry and sad for all those “good souls” who worked night and day to try to get my father down and who didn’t succeed. He is standing tall, and he’s strong and he’s surrounded by people who are proud of him.

“Dad, your decision to resign is admirable.

“When he entered the Shas party he declared, ‘I’ve come here to represent not only Haredi people, but religious and secular as well.’ This is the landscape of 2017.

“I am proud of you, dad.”

Suzi Ben Zvi, Gueta’s sister, who, due to his participation in the wedding of her gay son, MK Guata was forced to resign, told Israel’s Channel 2 News that she was in shock to find out about the resignation and didn’t understand why. “When I was told that it was because the rabbis told him that it was not right that he was at his nephew’s wedding because it is not acceptable in the Torah and all these things, I said to myself, ‘Well, if that’s why, my brother did right to resign.'” We haven’t learned to live with people who do not accept The other.”

She expressed anger at the attitude towards her brother: “There’s no respect for a person, they don’t accept the other with all the difficulty of it. No one is the same, it would’ve been so boring if they were all alike. He came to honor me, I am his sister, we are a very close family.”